Paid stickerpacks

Today we are launching a proof of concept for purchasing additional content via the Modular integration manager.

For the initial experiment we're offering a set of "snazzy", limited edition Matrix stickers for the princely sum of $0.50. These are digital versions of the Matrix and Riot hexagons that some of you may have seen in real life.

While we're starting small for now, in future this could form the basis of a great way to add custom integrations or bridges for Modular hosted homeservers, in addition to the current crop of free integrations.

Other potential uses include creating a marketplace for sticker packs and digital content. For example, it could be possible for you to upload your own content to sell to other users, either just on your own Hosted Homeserver instance, or to users from all homeservers in a federated environment.

In order to purchase these stickers and try paid integrations for yourself, you will need to complete the following steps:

By the way this only works on the default Integration Manager available from Riot (if the person running your Riot allowed access to it).
  1. First, create a Modular account at, if you don't have one already.
  2. Next, add your credit card details on the billing page.
  3. Finally, add your Matrix ID (ie @user:domain.tld) to your Modular account profile.

Once you have done this your Matrix account will have "super powers"!

Go back to Riot, open the integrations manager and add or edit the sticker pack widget by clicking on the "manage integrations" button on the top-right of Riot, or by clicking on the "edit" icon of the "sticker picker" (on the right of the message composer).

Add credit
Add credit

Once the integration manager appears and is on the edit sticker pack page, you should now see a new sticker pack called "Matrix", priced at $0.50.

Paid stickerpack

Click on the "Add credit" button to add credit and purchase the sticker pack using the credit card details that you entered in to your Modular account.

Add credit

Once the purchase is complete, and you have closed the integration manager, you will see the stickers included in the list of those available to insert in to your message timeline.

Matrix stickers

With the sticker picker open, click on one of the new Matrix sticker icons and it will be inserted in to the timeline of the room that you are chatting in. Congratulations, you just sent one of your exclusive, purchased stickers!

As mentioned earlier on, this really is just a proof of concept at this point, but stay tuned for lots more exciting enhancements that you'll see appearing in this area in the coming months.

As always, we are here to help. Please come and have a chat if you have any questions about Modular, or if you need a hand getting started. You can also email any questions to [email protected].