Awesome hosting for Matrix chat and integrations

Built on the Matrix open ecosystem for secure, decentralised communication, by the creators of Matrix.

Sign up and deploy your own secure chat service in seconds!

Built on the Matrix open ecosystem, your secure chat can be as open and interoperable as you like.

You'll get a customized instance of and your own dedicated Matrix homeserver: all you need to get chatting!

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Riot-web Matrix client

Trusted by

Mozilla, KDE, Tezos & Tadhack logos

Trusted by organisations like Mozilla, KDE, Tezos, Tadhack & more.

Modular services for Matrix

Modular provides expert hosting for homeservers, bots, bridges and widgets for folk who don't want to run their own.

About Modular

Made for Matrix

An open standard for decentralised, secure, real-time communication.

Comes with

Every Modular homeserver comes with a pre-configured instance of, a flagship app for accessing Matrix.

Built by New Vector

Modular’s services are built by New Vector, a startup formed by the creators of Matrix.