About Modular

Hosted services for Matrix, by the creators of Matrix.

Why we built Modular

Modular makes it trivial for anyone to get their own dedicated Matrix server. The Matrix protocol exists to bring back data ownership, and abolish vendor lock-in in the world of real-time communication. But setting up your own chat server is as much a hassle as running your own mail server, whatever the technology. It requires you to be a system administrator with time to spare.

We want freedom and choice to be accessible to anyone.

As the creators of the Matrix protocol, we've been running the biggest homeserver in the network since 2014. We are the best positioned to run your own Matrix homeserver for you, at scale.

With Modular, we're using our knowledge of the protocol and our experience in operating homeservers to provide a complete custom chat stack to those that don't want the hassle of running their own.

Made for Matrix

Matrix is an open standard for interoperable, decentralised, real-time communication. Matrix empowers users to own and control their data and select the services and vendors they want to use.

Comes with Riot

Every Modular homeserver comes with a pre-configured instance of Riot, the flagship client for Matrix. Collaborate, create your own chat rooms, own your own data and bridge other networks and services with the power of Matrix.

Built by New Vector

Modular services are built and run by New Vector, a startup formed by the creators of Matrix. Interested in working on the future of decentralised and open messaging? We’re hiring!

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