Hosted homeservers for Matrix

Your very own secure chat service, as open and interoperable as you like. Brought to you by the creators of Matrix.

Sign up and deploy your own secure chat service in seconds!

Built on the Matrix open ecosystem, your secure chat can be as open and interoperable as you like.

You'll get a customized instance of and your own dedicated Matrix homeserver: all you need to get chatting!

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Choose your name

Choose your name

Pricing & Plans


Small instances for personal use & small teams

Coming soon!
We're busy shrinking the servers to make them cheaper 😀


50active users

Perfect for Small Businesses & communities.

Early Adopter Pricing
73 . 50per month
  • Ability to add extra users
  • Unlimited read-only users
  • Custom client and homeserver domain name


100active users

For Small/Medium Businesses & larger communities.

Early Adopter Pricing
148 . 50per month
  • Ability to add extra users
  • Unlimited read-only users
  • Custom client and homeserver domain name


1000+active users

Extra large instances for enterprise and very large communities.

Early Adopter Pricing
1498 . 50per month
  • Add up to 500,000 additional users
  • Unlimited read-only users
  • Custom client and homeserver domain name

Can't see what you want?

Get in touch to discuss plans with larger user limits, bespoke services & premium support.

Fair billing policy

1 . 50

per active user, per month

Flat pricing, per active user
Early Adopter Pricing

Only pay for the users that stick around

Users only contribute to your active user limit after using your server for more than 2 days, protecting you from sudden surges of users.

Flexible limits

If server resources are available, each plan can be upgraded to accomodate more users at the same flat rate of $1.50 per active user per month.

Unlimited guests

Guests aren't counted as active users, allowing them to preview rooms before signing up.

Admins go free

You don't pay for your first homeserver admin (that's you!).

What do you get?

Your own is a chat app with direct chats, private groups, public rooms, video and voice calling. Easily navigate between family, work and public communities.

Your own Matrix homeserver

Never be impacted again by others' operational disasters: your Modular homeserver runs in isolation from other instances, reducing the risk of downtime.

Your own subdomain

Point your users at your custom URL; get your other Matrix apps and services to use your own server sub-domain: this place is yours.

E2E Encryption

Yes, we’re hosting your data. No we can’t access it. All the conversations are only readable by the people participating in them: benefit from Matrix's best in class end-to-end encryption when enabled.

Open! Or closed…

Allow your users to chat with any of the other millions of Matrix app users out there. Suppliers, customers, community members, friends, as easy as email. They might even be using Slack, Discord or other bridged apps. But we do also give the option to restrict external communications if you wish.

Integrations & Bridges

GitHub, Google Apps, YouTube, and more: check out the apps you can integrate in your chat and the networks you can bridge to, from Slack to Twitter. As Matrix is an open standard, benefit from the work of the community or add new ones yourself. Contact us for custom ones.

Welcome guest users

Looking for a place to advertise your work without needing your customers / members to reply to you? Guest users can peek in your public rooms for free!

No lock in

Matrix is an open standard. Your users are not bound to, they can use any other Matrix app with your server. They only need to use your custom server URL when they login. And if you want to move away to another server, you can migrate your data!

We also provide migration tools to help you move your users from another Matrix server or Chat platform. We currently offer Matrix and HipChat migration tools and are adding more all the time.

Open Source

Both and the Synapse Matrix homeserver are open source. Benefit from the constant input of an enthusiastic community, or join in on GitHub yourself!

About Modular

Made for Matrix

An open standard for decentralised, secure, real-time communication.

Comes with

Every Modular homeserver comes with a pre-configured instance of, a flagship app for accessing Matrix.

Built by New Vector

Modular’s services are built by New Vector, a startup formed by the creators of Matrix.